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Geo-Frame Competitors

Show mobile ads to persons that have visited competitor business. 

This is not Geo Fencing. It's smarter.

Competitive URL Targeting

Real-time audiences enable our clients to reach customers at the moment they are actively shopping for your product or service.

Facebook: Custom Audience 

Use your sold/unsold email list from the CRM or purchase a prospect list and match to FB users to create a custom audience list.

Facebook: Dynamic Retargeting

When a prospect looks at a specific page on your website we'll show them the SAME content in their Facebook News feed or Instagram account.

Sample Headline

Facebook: In-Market Data

Using "in-market" data from Oracle Data, displaying ads in Facebook News Feed targeting in-market prospects.

OTT/CTV Connected TV

Show TV ads on Smart TV, Apple TV, Hulu TV. And devices like Tivo and Roku, gaming consoles like X-Boxes and PlayStations

Addressable Television

Show TV ads, one-on-one, from a customers 1st party data. Addressable TV allows our clients to deliver ads to specific, desired households.

TV to Digital Re-Marketing

Show digital ads to persons that have just seen your competitors TV ads. Or, show a digital ad to person that have just seen a customers TV spot.

Identity Graph

Using "Smart Pixel" technology on customers websites, identify your website shoppers and market to them.

YouTube Video Ads

You Tube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Display video ads to promote and drive traffic.

Targeted Email 

Using CRM or 1st party data, send out a monthly email blast to sold and unsold prospects.

Email: Blast

Target prospects using a massive consumer lifestyle database.

Email Appends & Validation

Taking known customer data (first name, last name, and postal address) and matching it against a database to obtain email addresses.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Also called PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads. Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked.

Text & SMS Advertising

Text message advertising is the practice of sharing promotions, sales, or news updates with your customers via text message.

Traditional Advertising

35 years experiance placing and creating engaging creative for television, radio, print and outdoor media.

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